albert-hotel-restaurant-ploiesti-nord     We provide four stars services when it comes to our restaurant. You can enjoy a range of delicious dishes prepared by our chefs, always ready to create new recipes, customized according to the specific tastes of each client or for your events. Whether you want to organize a wedding with a traditional menu, a party for your company's employees, a business dinner with the most demanding guests or simply have exceptional culinary preferences, we are ready to provide whatever you want.
     We always choose the best ingredients and the healthiest cooking methods to be able to offer not only a tasty meal but one that will provide the necessary daily nutrients to feel great throughout the day.
     Albert Restaurant presents 3 halls with a total capacity of up to 580 people. We offer restaurant and terrace where you can enjoy the sunny days. Elegant classic design and the tables layout have been specially designed to create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Whether it is a rushed breakfast, a romantic dinner or a memorable party either wedding, christening or birthday, we put at your disposal all the necessary elements for a huge success.

We provide 3 ball rooms with a total capacity of 580 seats.
The Big Hall with a capacity between 200-300 seats.
The Small Hall with a capacity between 80 - 120 seats.
The Conference Hall with a capacity between 100 - 160 seats.

     Go with Albert Restaurant for a successful wedding reception. The restaurant staff is ready to provide impeccable service for the right price. We offer complete menus for weddings starting at 40euro per person. Included in this package you have 1 free room offered by Hotel Albert.

All great men were first children, but few of them remember. Offeryour children an unforgettable memory ! Albert Restaurant will handle all the details of this important moment in your child's life.

Corporate parties
     The right word may be effectiveness, but no word was ever as effective as a break at the right time in the right place. This place is Albert Restaurant, where your employees will really feel the appreciation.

     Tell me who you pick to show you who you are, tell me where you spend your time to tell you how to have fun. Albert Restaurant will ensure your success withexceptional design and delicious cuisine.

     Throughout history, balls and receptions were a way for people to prove that they are wealthy, and a way to promote social relationships. Participants should be dressed for ceremony (evening dress) and have an invitation, it was usually for a couple. Ball is one of tradition, whether Freshman Ball, a majority or a particular theme ball. Albert Restaurant helps you relive the glory of the old days with lords, ladies, emperors and empresses. Architectural and design fits perfectly with such an event, and will elevate the evening meal with our special cuisine.